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Telecoms FAQ's:

Question: When I move to Neztech Solutions, Will I keep my existing BT number?
Answer: Yes, you will always keep your existing number.
Question: On the transfer to Neztech Solutions will there be any interuption on my services?
Answer: There will be no interuption what so ever on your services as its a seamless transfer.
Question: How long does the process take?
Answer: It will take 14 days for the switch to take place and the reduced rates will be applied to your account.
Question: How much can I expect to save?
Answer: Neztech Solutions can guarentee savings of 20% on your first years line rental when compared to BT standard business and up to 50% savings on your UK calls, when compared to BT standard business rates. With competative purchase rates from BT Wholesale and other tier one carriers, Neztech Solutions can pass on a significant price reduction to its customers.
Question: What happens if there is a techincal fault with the service?
Answer: As soon as your lines are transferred to Neztech Solutions, we will be the point of contact for all your needs - we will arrange for a BT Openreach engineer to call and deal with any faults or service issues.
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